Kangaroo Kids @ Queensway Primary School

OFSTED reference no. EY474542

Kangaroo Kids @ Queensway

Located within Queensway Primary School, Kangaroo Kids is now in its 5th year at this location.  We offer funded and non funded places over various sessions. 

We have a safe, modern, stimulating and spacious class room area. 

There are designated areas for reading, dressing up and painting, encouraging choice and thought.

The room is full of colourful and stimulating decoration and displays.

We have separate, children only toileting facilities.

Outdoor Play Area.

We have a secure, covered, outdoor play area with soft play surface. 

This is a spacious environment with cars, sand, Wendy house and numerous outdoor toys.  Outdoor play is incorporated into every session, whenever appropriate.


Our equipment is chosen to be stimulating and fun.  Toys designed to encourage choice, interaction and social play.


We have a large and changing library of books and learning material.